Edition 1 of The California List was launched in London on 22 March and marks the start of a new era of fine wine recognition for California.

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The wine world is full of classifications. They may be hierarchical rankings of vineyards, or ratings of historic performance in the secondary market, but these classifications can help shape how consumers and the wine trade engage with a region.

When it comes to California, we wanted to create a list of our own. A list that did not focus on individual wines, but on the Producers that have been the most important in creating and driving the California wine category in the UK. A list of exceptional California Producers renowned for their quality and overall impact in the UK.

We could not create this list without a team of Judges with a profound depth of experience of California wine. This was not a wine competition, indeed there was no formal tasting as part of the judging process, but an exercise in bringing together a group of experts with diverse perspectives and opinions. The California List is intended to be a snapshot of California wine in the UK market at a single moment in time, so the inaugural List, this Edition 1, reflects the current state of play.

In the years to come, we will undertake this process again to discover new producers who the Judges believe are now worthy of a place on the List, and perhaps even some who no longer hold their spot.

Our thanks goes to the wonderful panel of Judges we assembled for Edition 1. Their enthusiasm and ‘polite discourse’ on the final make up of Producers was a great thrill for us to be a part of.

We hope you enjoy exploring Edition 1 of The California List and that it extends your knowledge and enjoyment of California Wines.